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31,5 x 31,5 cm lineal fra Creative Grid

The New metric range features easy to read black and white markings in 1cm grids. Each cm is marked in 0.25cm increments (0.25cm, 0.5cm and 0.75cm). The rulers feature the patented Turn-A-Round feature that means you can use either the white spots with black numbers to measure whole centimetres or use the black spots with white numbers to add an extra 0.5cm to allow for the seam allowance. When you have decided which size you wish to measure your fabric to, simply turn the ruler so the black or white numbers are the correct way up for the measurement you wish to cut and simply line your fabric up on that point. When using the white spots with black numbers you will notice that every 5cm's is marked with a thicker black line around the number to make measuring easier.
The edge of the ruler clearly marks a 0.5cm and a 0.75cm line for easy marking of your seam allowance. The centre of each centimetre is clearly marked using white dash markings to indicate the 0.5cm point. Two striking white lines cross through the centre of the ruler to help with finding the middle of your project for squaring up. A black 45 degree line also runs directly through the centre of the ruler which using small arrows divides every centimetre into 4 diagonally.
The distinguished non-slip feature that Creative Grids are renowned for is again featured on the new metric range. The special translucent grip runs around the perimeter of the ruler and also in several discrete spots across the centre of the ruler. This means the rulers will grip to your fabric when pressure is applied to prevent any slipping whilst cutting!

339,00 kr.